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About Us:

LEONOR handmade bags are designed with passion and made with Love.

What results from the combination of a savvy business Colombian woman and a Colombian Industrial Designer, with their knowledge and passion for color and design, are these spectacular handbags; LEONOR. A fun, relaxed and colorful collection for women who like to be surprised by bold patterns, texture, and the possibility of wearing the same bag in different ways. LEONOR bags main feature are the Molas, which are handmade by the women of the Kuna tribe located in the border of Colombia and Panama. The molas are created by using a reverse appliqué process in a sort of “patchwork”, that requires multiple layers of cloth to be hand sewed together and then cut away revealing the colors below. Each piece is handmade creating an individual design.

Each bag is produced in Colombia by local artisans paying fair prices in a friendly and healthy environment, making this bag socially responsible. A combination of vivid, colorful and charming colonial towns inspired us to bring this collection to life calling people’s attention. The bright and expressive motifs of the molas, the colorful calfskins and suedes, and the peculiar functional details such as secret makeup mirrors and interchangeable straps give LEONOR bags an urban feel, and are perfect to add emotion and a cultural flavor to your apparel. If you appreciate art and high quality design, you will love these bags and their bohemian chic look. Design and functionality merging in a unique piece of art that you can carry with you everywhere you go.